Pow Wow Worcester

POW! WOW! WORCESTER 2016 VIDEO from POW! WOW! Worldwide on Vimeo.

RFK Mural Festival

Video by Cory Ring and Derek of @chopemdownfilms

Studio Visit: Big Sleeps

Nychos at Coney Island

Faith47 ’722-481 BC’ Manchester

LOLO Ys and Hueman At the Container Yard

New Zealand Seawalls

We would like to welcome our newest videographer Zoe Map to the Chop ‘em Down Films Team

Zoe Map SHOWREEL from Daniela Croci on Vimeo.

Nychos x Udon in Sinyi Township

Tristan Eaton X Rebel 8

POW! WOW! Asia Tour 2015 Video

Chop ‘em Down Films 2015 Reel

We are really stoked on all the people & companies we worked with this past year.

Faith47 in Cozumel 2015 for Pangeaseed x Sea Walls

Logan Hicks

The “Arts District” Downtown Los Angeles is slowly becoming an epicenter for
the arts and art commerce. Unfortunately it also means the people who helped
build this culture are being pushed out, including the legacy of graffiti that
was painted for over twenty years. “We were painting this neighborhood before
it was even coined the Arts District”. This recent mural Saber and Zes have
painted is a gesture towards this long term legacy as well as an homage to our
future as evolving artists.

KAABOO Artwork Experience 2015 was an amazing event. All the music festivals
i’ve gone to in the past if they had anything art related the artist would be
a side show. Amanda Lynn and the Kaaboo team really did it right! From the art
galleries to the Live painting to the banners on stage it was embedded with the
music festival.

Cory Ring meet up with Christopher Konecki in San Diego painting the parking
structure at 707. Enjoy

PangeaSeed & Cohort Collective present Reclaim The Future an art benefit
to help save our seas. Video By Cory Ring of Chop ‘em Down Films


I had a lot of fun in SF filming with Amanda Lynn, Jet Martinez, Helice Wen,
and Annica Lydenberg

A new mural called, “A New Purpose” by artist PUSH, was finished September
2014 in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown Los Angeles. The work was crafted
by artist, PUSH to bring graffiti art, which is exploding in the Arts District,
into the adjacent neighborhood of Little Tokyo. His vision brings a contemporary,
abstract vision to the streets of Los Angeles.

“Corrective Course” featureing 40 contemporary artists, many making their debut
in Orange county and one, Peruvian muralist Jade, making their U.S. debut. The
show will present a variation of techniques and stylizations, including figurative
contemporary painters, sculptural elements
Music by Glen Porter- Ask her Nicely and She Will Show You the Scars

We went to Steven Daily’s pad and filmed a little video of his latest art work. The
first time I was introduced to his art work was back in 2006 at the Us Versus Them
art show. You can catch up on all his art work at

The Loyal Subjects and Joe Ledbetter drop Zombies, Bunnies, Tacos, Philosophy
and their Creative Process on the World Famous Meltdown. See how it went down.

Dom Kennedy drops his latest “Yellow” album capsule collection release at
Active Ride Shop. It’s was really cool seeing Dom meet every fan. The line
was literally half a mile down the street. He signed for a 6 hours.

I knew about Cryptics work for some time now and was really excited
to meet him. Cryptic art work has always impressed me. I ended up using
this old Gaslamp Killer song that I have been holding on to for a few
years. I could never find the right subject to use it. You will
know what i mean after you see this.

It was really nice catching up with Joseph Toddorovitch at his studio in
Pasadena. Its amazing that he was able to paint that in only 3 hours.

Les Shettkoe hooked me up with this Project. The first was a video highlighting
the artist that are colaborating with Hasbro. I only filmed the interview with
Jonathan Cathey and edited the video.

Mike & I went Trevelen’s pad. He was showing us the surf board he was painting on
for the Oil and Water art show. Had a good time hanging out with him for the day.
He was telling us how the internet is a double edge sward. Helps us be connected
with so much but disconnected to the real world. Trevelen is the man!

Mike, James, & I went to Wes Humpston house to hangout. He showed us old
photos from back in the Dogtown days. I was stoked when he took us to is
office and pulled out his original boards. So much history!

This was my artist interview with the one and only Afroman. Very funny guy with
a grip of rhymes on the tip of his tongue. This interview/show is very entertaining.

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