Fixed Gear Freestyle

Bangkok Bound.

Im really excited to share this road trip with everyone! We had
8 of us fly out to Thailand and present CFTY3, put on a jam and film for this
edit. I will be showing this video in Bangkok this friday, Korea the following
week, and at W-base in early Dec. Check it out

Can’t Fool They Youth 3: Jonathan Davis

I’ve know Jonathan for few years and his riding always excited me. He had that
Ed Wonka gnarness but with a really clean style. I always though that he never
got enough credit and always fell under the radar. Just before wrapping up CFTY2
I went filming with Jaydee and told him I wanted to work on a full edit for CFTY3.
Jonathan and I put in a lot time, energy, and injuries. literally 2 months into
filming this edit he got injured (filming for Stayed Strapped) and couldn’t ride
for 3 months. After that, time was really working against us. We both work full
time and had conflicting schedules. Pat Taber really helped by filmed a grip of the
clips of Jaydee and sending them to me to edit. This is a true edit! Over 4 mins of
great footage. I haven’t seen any FGFS video have this many great diverse tricks.

Can’t Fool They Youth 3 (Extras)

One of the best things I love about filming Fixed Freestyle is all the Characters
that are in the sport. You have to be a pretty interesting dude to ride a bike with
no breaks, strapped in and have to be constantly peddling. Anytime I try to explain
Fixed Freestyle to the average person there is a confused look and a comment about
how crazy that is. Here is the extras to CFTY3. If you are interested in buying a
copy please go to think link.

Can’t Fool The Youth 3: Johnathan Ball

I had a lot of fun filming this video with Jball. Honestly one of the most talented
bike riders i’ve ever seen. This dude put in so much work on his edit. I remember
about a month into filming and he broke his foot and was thinking how we are going
to pull this off in time. Literally in a month was back on the bike and back to filming.
Jball has kept the 700c’s alive! Check this edit out!

Can’t Fool The Youth 3: Fixed Freestyle Teaser

I’m really stoked to share with all of you the 3rd addition of Can’t Fool The Youth.
This video highlights Dew and Jaoa road trips to Sf, New York, and Korea. There
are Full Profile Edits from Johnathan Ball and Jonathan Davis. And More…

Devon Lawson is one of my favorite riders to film. When it comes to his riding he
is a perfectionist and in turns pushes me to film better. This edit is one of my
favorite Fixed freestyle edits. I teamed up with Matt Reyes on this edit. We both
filmed this and Matt killed it on the editing side. Enjoy!

I’ve always been stoked on a hand full of riders that are coming up in the Fixed
Freestyle scene. So I dedicated an entire section in issue 2 of Can’t Fool The Youth
I also asked a few, more established riders their thoughts on their favorite
“up incoming” riders. This is how it went down.

This is our coverage of Summer Fix 2013. This year was a little different. Bmx
had its own heat before Fixed Freestyle in Venice, California

Im excited to announce The First 100 Can’t Fool The Youth: issue 2 Sold will come
with a FREE Gus Molina hand made 22 page zine inside. This will be available to
purchase at CHOPEMDOWNFILMS.COM Monday June 3rd.

Steven Jensen… Where to start? This guy has so much talent. Originally a BMX
rider with no chain and jumped onto a Fixed gear and killed the game since day
one. I have always considered him as the Rodney Mullen on Fixed Gear, pushing the
sport and constantly fucking with peoples head on what is possible on a fixed gear.

MAGAZINE. The World premier will be the night before Red Bull Ride + Style May 3rd.

Love him or Hate him. Boothby has been killing it, day 1. I was first introduced to
Boothby’s riding when Chris Fonseca was in town editing Revoked. A lot has changed
from his tie dye shirt days to now, Boothby all day. When I first started filming
riders in the Bay area Boothby was always down to film. He is the only rider I have
ever filmed at 8 in the morning. Enjoy

I drove up with Gus Molina, Jonathan Davis, Elliot Milner, and Jonathan Ball. This
was Jball’s fist competition and first time in riding with the Bay area riders.
I have filmed with Jball a couple times before but this was the first time really
kickin it with him. Really positive guy. Stoked to see the next generation of
Fixed Gear riders so passionate about the sport. At the event there was a lot of
new names entering the competition. One that stood out to me was Valentin Rancho.
This kid is coming up quick. Check out this edit! Stoked that Jball, Matt Montoya,
Alec Sluser, and Dante Yore (Fixiefamous) contributing video clips.

This is Gus Molina’s Profile Edit from Can’t Fool The Youth: Fixed Gear Video Magazine.
Gus is one of the biggest reasons why I have been filming FGFS this Long. I have
always Like watching Gus ride. With my FGFS edits I like to show the “lifestyle” of
the rider combined with their skills. Gus does not hold back in this one. ENJOY

Can’t Fool The Youth: Fixed Gear Freestyle Video Magazine Teaser 1

Can’t Fool The Youth: Fixed Gear Freestyle Video Magazine Teaser 2

Us Versus Them Welcome Steven Jensen to the Team. When I first herd Us Versus
Them was going to pick up Steven Jensen I was Stoked! Ive always been a fan
of what he has brought to the FGFS scene. He has some of the sickest video
in the game. With this “Welcome to the team” edit I wanted to show case not
just him but also the UVT team he is joining. We filmed 2 half days for this
edit. Most the tricks took a couple tries.

Summer Fix 2011. This was by far my favorite Competition I have filmed.

1. Josh Boothby
2. Steven Jensen
3. Joe Mckeag
4. Jake Santos
5. Congo

Us Versus Them Team Highlights at Red Bull 2011

Us Versus Them Welcome Josh Boothby to the Team

Pedalhard’s Grand opening Trick comp. in Sacramento, Ca Feb. 26, 2011. Micheal,
Jamil & I drove up to Sacramento to make this comp. I had alot fun with this edit
Spent a good amount of time getting everyones motion to the beat.

1st-Michael Chacon
2nd-Matt Montoya
3rd-Kenny Arimoto
4th-Anthony Combs

Us Versus Them Welcomes Micheal Chancon to the team

Fixed Freestyle Demo held by Us Versus Them and Active Ride shop.

Gus Molina & I went to Long Beach and met up with Jakob Santos, Brad Gnar,
Joe Mckeag, and other local riders. Jacob is a wild man

Gus Molina, Tj, and I went up to UCLA for a night to film with Jonnie Weiss and Stevo.
Music By Tenshun Check his music out

My First Fixed Freestyle Edit. Jonnie Weiss Was the first person to get me into Fixed Gear.
Here is a video put together for Jonnie.

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