Us Versus Them

1 van, 8 people, Tecata, Blue Dream, & the Bay area always equals great times. We drove up
the coast to stopped in San Francisco and skated around town & met up with friends
in the area.

Myself filming Mike Glory & Graham Nystrom (Founders) of Us Versus Them
talking about what Us Versus Themis and
showing what scenesthey are involved in.

I went to the Long Beach to document Dom Kennedy signing posters
and meeting fans all day at Active Ride Shop.

Menso on the process of making a hand drawn Coachella print & tee. 2012

We all went up north to the bay area to go to the Stussy store in San Francisco.
San Francisco is my favorite city in California. The People are always interesting
and colorful. Many people stopped for a few moments to observe Graham Nystrom
& Menso kill the window display.

We all went south to shoot the Fall/Holiday Lookbook at the Palomar
Observatory. Good times.

This video was filmed by a few of Melivin’s friends, I had the chance to
edit it. I first met Melvin Gonzalez when he was put onto the team
early 2010. Melvin is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and anyone
that has spent time with him would agree. Check this out!

I went up to Ventura with James Banuelos to spend the day with Vince Felix.
Vince is a rad guy that does some amazing leather work as well as pinstriping.

Graham Nystrom on the process of making a hand drawn Coachella print
& tee. 2011

I had a great time hanging out with Tommy Montoya & his family in East LA.
Interviews filmed by Christian Lenon

This is one of my first videos for Us Versus Them. It’s a video promoting
Us Versus Them Fall/Holiday line 2010. Menso & Graham Nystrom painting
Mike Glory’s truck.

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